What does the EZ85 do?

The EZ85 kit modifies the signal timing of the fuel injectors. The ethanol in E85 and other fuel mixtures requires a higher concentration than gasoline (9.76:1 vs. 14.7:1 air to fuel). In order to get more fuel into the cylinder, the fuel injector has to engage for a longer time. This is achieved by sending longer pulses to the injectors. The EZ85 handles these processes automatically, correcting for the current fuel.

What is Cold Start and why is it needed?

The Cold Start function is necessary to start an engine on an ethanol based fuel when the engine temperature is less than 50˚F. At these lower temperatures the ethanol does not evaporate like gasoline. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to start an engine with the normal amount of fuel per stroke. There is simply not enough evaporated fuel in the cylinder to properly ignite. The EZ85 remedies this by automatically increasing the amount of fuel injected into the cylinders for the first couple of minutes of a cold start. It then eases the fuel amount back to normal running parameters.
Please note that at very low temperatures, even this procedure will not be enough to get the engine started. In such cases most people who want to run on E85 use a small secondary tank of pure gasoline. This is used to get the engine started and warmed up. Only a few teaspoons of fuel are used per start, so a gallon tank can last for months.